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The majority of the travel photographs on this website have been compiled from many hundreds of images collected over years of travel – particularly to South East Asia.

I have a fondness for Asia and its people, whom I have always found to be most generous and hospitable. Asia is also a very beautiful region and its landscape and lifestyles afford any good photographer a never ending supply of rich imagery. I am now embarking on a more thorough coverage of my own Australasian region, after many years working as a Lecturer and teacher in Visual Communication, Design and Steiner Education.

I mostly use Nikon photographic equipment. The first decent camera I ever bought was a Nikon F and over the years I have added various Nikkor lenses and Bodies to my collection.

Currently I use an old, but extremely reliable Nikon F2 Photomic for those very long exposures, which are so much easier to do on the older non electronic cameras. I also use an F90X and a Nikon D200. The D200 is gradually taking over though. As much as I am fond of film, the attraction of the ‘free film’ which comes with digital is too good to pass up.

For Medium format I use a Hasselblad, a 24x66 Noblex and a recently acquired 6x6 Ziess Super Ikonta - a classic camera with superb optics.

For commercial work I still use medium format film a fair bit for its outstanding detail and acuteness.

Where size is less critical the D200 does the job nicely, although remarkably large images can still be achieved with the D200 using RAW files and careful preparation.

About me

Born: in Gemini.
Married: with two daughters.
Pets: an old diesel Peugeot.
Home: 80 acres about 50 minutes out of Adelaide in South Australia, with many cockatoos, galahs, rosellas, kookaburras and kangaroos.
Bio: Worked for many years as a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer as well as lecturing in the School of Design at the University of South Australia. Became involved in Steiner Education and helped start a Waldorf school (the Mt. Barker Waldorf School ) with my wife Tina and a number of other colleagues. Travelled lots and took many photos. Set up as a full time freelance Photographer and Designer again in 2007.
Recent photographic trips include Japan and Vietnam. Future trips, Cambodia & Laos - and anywhere else I can manage.

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